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Coloreando 2-CD Collection

GLP Featured in Creative Child Magazine

November 2020 Issue

Colombian singer-songwriter, composer and guitarist Marta Gómez is one of the finest singer-songwriters in the current Latin American music scene. Gifted with a beautiful, nuanced and seductive voice, and a superb talent for songwriting, her songs are lovely and charming. Marta graduated Magna Cum Laude from the renowned Berklee College of Music...

Another fascinating side of Marta Gómez is her series of albums with traditional songs for children in Spanish. She released two albums in the “Coloreando” (Coloring) series: “Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish” (GLP Music, 2013) and “Coloreando Dos: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish” (GLP Music, 2018). Marta collected some of the most cherished children’s songs from Latin America and Spain and gave them a special touch. This is masterfully-crafted, high quality world music for children, introducing young ones to fun songs and rhythms from South America.

The first “Coloreando” album received the 2014 Latin Grammy Award for Best Children’s Music.

Both “Coloreando” albums are available in a special 2 CD set with stunning colorful artwork called “Coloreando & Coloreando Dos” (GLP Music, 2018).

- World Music Central




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