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Wave of the Present

Listening Post 334. Like ripples on the water or wrinkles in time, the songs of Mónica Giraldo’s seventh album radiate gently. Water and time, in fact, are central features of the Colombian singer-songwriter’s 10-track collection Hubo un Tiempo (There Was a Time), reflecting on the doubts of the pandemic era, the changes we weather alone or share with humanity, and the beauty and certainties that remain.

While the daily human landscape these past two years has often stretched only from bedroom to kitchen, Giraldo takes us on a musical journey, rolling down rivers to the sea, cascading through folk, cumbia and bullerengue. She sings original compositions and Colombian classics as well as duets with artists from farther shores, pushing outward from the confines of the narrow and interminable NOW into comforts of the past and visions of the future. 

- World Listening Post

Lea Salonga Unveils 2022 Dream Again Tour

Tony winner Lea Salonga will embark upon a North American concert tour beginning April 6, 2022. Dream Again will have stops in the United States and Canada, including Vancouver, British Columbia; Chicago, Illinois; Las Vegas, Nevada; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Honolulu, Hawaii.

“By the time we are back on the road with the Dream Again Tour it will be a full two years since my last concert engagement,” said Salonga. “I am counting down the days to the first show. I miss the audiences. I miss my band and our tour crew. This is going to be a very special tour: we’ve had lots of time to brainstorm new, and sometimes unexpected, songs for the set list, and I’m very excited to share them with fans around North America.”

- Playbill

Creative Child Magazine Book Award

GLP Music is proud to announce that Creative Child Magazine has named our first coloring book, Coloreando Al Alegria, Coloring the Joy, 2021 Book of the Year.

Congratulations to Daniela Violi, Alexandra Romero Cortina, Lucia Kewish, Claudia Chica Pratesi and everybody involved in the creation of Coloreando La Alegria.

GLP Releases Bi-Lingual Coloring Book

GLP Music is pleased to announce the release of its first bi-lingual coloring book, Coloreando La Alegría, Coloring the Joy, now available on Amazon.

Coloreando La Alegría was created for GLP Music by Colombian artists Daniela Violi and Alexandra Romero and inspired by our Grammy-winning release Coloreando and Coloreando Dos, featuring Marta Gomez.

Coloreando La Alegría’s text is in both Spanish and English, which we hope will encourage you and your children to learn language while exercising your artistic creativity.


Cover STory: Lea Salonga on the State of Philippine Arts and Culture 

It's been a long and illustrious career for Lea Salonga but she continues to push the boundaries to remain the best in her craft, doing her country proud and keeping her fellow artistes inspired

For decades now, Lea Salonga’s star power has held audiences enrapt with wonder. A cut above the rest, especially on stage, she is famed for her perfect pitch, crystal voice and powerful control. Both the seasoned fan of Broadway and the young child discovering Disney must have, at one point or another, encountered the renowned talents of this Tony-award-winning actress.

“I really love getting up in front of an audience and singing,” Salonga, cool and collected, says. “It really is my thing.” And who can dispute it? Her career, which began in the Seventies, has blossomed in fruitful progression. Since her first musical at the age of seven, the world has watched Salonga in stellar performances on stages in Manila, London and New York, winning much-coveted honours such as “Disney Legend” and Theatre World awards. Despite her success, she remains with feet firmly planted on the ground, still calling Manila home, and flying back and forth in between jobs.

- Philippines Tatler

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