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Listening Post 202. Al Oído: The Best of Mónica Giraldo.

Before you process a single word, there is poetry in the sound of Mónica Giraldo’s voice and guitar—a natural healing force akin to a magnificent sunset or refreshing breeze. As the lyrics flow the sensation deepens with joys, challenges, dreams and truths that both surprise and evoke recognition. Al Oído – The Best of Mónica Giraldo includes songs from the Bogotá-born, Latin Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter’s four studio albums, and if there is a defining thread it’s from the title of her third collection, “Let life come” (Que Venga la Vida). Her soothing ballads seem to cancel any competing noise, and so subtly does she combine musical styles—from Colombia’s mountains and Caribbean coast to Brazil and Cuba—that they merge not so much into a genre but more a personal musical language. 

Monica Giraldo Announces Her New Album Al Oido: The Best of Monica Giraldo

Monica Giraldo has announced the November 2, 2018 release of her latest album – Al Oido: The Best of Monica Giraldo, with 14 tracks taken from her four studio albums.

Superb Anthology of Mónica Giraldo's Songs

Al Oido -The best of Mónica Giraldo presents one of the finest singer-songwriters in the current Colombian scene. Mónica Giraldo delivers a set of beautiful songs, accessible and exquisite at the same time.

Mónica Giraldo has an engaging vocal style that immediately hooks you in. She’s also an excellent guitar player and her intention is to highlight the role of the guitar in Colombian music.

Mestizaje (hybridization) has been a focus for Mónica Giraldo for several years. She incorporates Colombian traditional genres such as cumbia and bullerengue along with Cuban and Brazilian musical influences.

The CD version of this album is highly recommended. It includes a nicely-designed booklet with notes, lyrics and credits in Spanish and English.

Al Oido – The best of Mónica Giraldo is an excellent introduction to the beautifully-crafted songs of Mónica Giraldo.

- Angel Romero, World Music Central

Beaus, Boleros And Bachata: Our Favorite Latin Songs This Week

How did I not know about this amazing artist? I'm not ashamed to say there are blind spots in my music hunting and Mónica Giraldo was a very pleasant discovery when I opened the mail to find her CD.

It says a lot about the power of her writing and music that the opening track on this Best Of collection goes back to her 2005 debut album...


After earning a music degree in Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mónica returned to Colombia, and with this solid foundation she began looking more deeply into her own personal influences. This is where our paths crossed, as I produced her first studio album “Muy Cerca”. For more than a decade Mónica has been investigating folk sounds of Latin America and the US with a special focus on the role of the guitar in the Colombian folk tradition.




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