Coloreando: Traditional Songs for Children in Spanish is a compilation of popular folk and classic songs that Spanish speakers typically learn in childhood. The album brings vivid pictures of childhood to life, while creating a familiarity and igniting a love of the Spanish language for native and non-native speakers. The songs for the project were chosen because of their infectious melodies and universal relevance to children around the world.

Coloreando by Marta Gomez & Friends is a superb collection of traditional Spanish songs sure to delight children of all ages (and native languages).

Expertly performed and filled with repetition and rhythm, Coloreando offers Spanish language students (formal or informal) a way to learn through song. Marta Gomez, a native speaker, gives exquisite voice to the lessons delivering clear and authentic pronunciation at a moderate pace. Each song has a theme which makes it much easier for listeners to pick up words and meaning. Marta's arrangements and musicianship are complemented by Juancho Herrera (guitar), Roberto Cachimuel (violin and charango), Marcelo Woloowski (percussion).

As a Spanish teacher, this CD adds tremendous value in the classroom, incorporating selected songs into my lessons. The CD includes a sweetly illustrated booklet with lyrics in Spanish and the translation in English. Using the lyrics, I am able to isolate selected vocabulary to greatly increase my student's comprehension of the song without using the English translation.

Coloreando, with its genuine warmth and enchanted production, has a place in every music library at home or at school.

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Brazilian musician Paulinho Garcia combines the pleasure of listening to great music with the teaching of language and accessible poetry. His album Aquarela – Traditional Songs for Children in Brazilian Portuguese features Brazilian music-flavored songs for children including clear pronunciation, with the intention of teaching Brazilian Portuguese. It’s a fabulous way to introduce children to music from other parts of the world and language as well.


“I reflected on my youth and thought about what I liked,” says Paunlinho Garcia about the project. “I went beyond children’s songs and picked out songs I thought children would like, that I would have liked. Most people in Brazil have some similar experiences and there are some common songs that reflect them, some dating back a century.”


The album features male and female vocals with delightful interactions between Paunlinho and Silvia Manrique. Paunlinho chose topics that children like to hear about; animals that attract them, like frogs and the fishes; tenderness and love from parents, teachers, and friends. “That’s what the songs are all about,” says Paunlinho. “They are learning, when you talk about love, and that’s the best unselfish love to learn about. That’s the love we dream about.”


The lineup on Aquarela includes Paulinho Garcia on vocals, bass and guitar; Heitor Garcia on percussion; Silvia Manrique on vocals; Cidinho Teixeira on accordion.
Aquarela is a charming and memorable album featuring timeless songs in Portuguese that are rooted in Brazilian tradition.


The wonderful CD booklet contains the lyrics in Portuguese and English-language translations. It is beautifully-illustrated by Daniela Violi and designed by Alexandra Romero Cortina.

Aquarela is a charming and memorable album featuring timeless songs in Portuguese that are rooted in Brazilian tradition.